Hi everybody!

You just stumbled onto that kind of "private" homepage which is in a constant state of not quite being finished... Have fun anyway. And please excuse my English, I'm a native German speaker. Any mistakes you find, feel free to point them out.

There is, of course, some contact information - my email is


Also, there's my public OpenPGP key which is required to, for example, encrypt emails sent to me or verify my email signature. PGP stands for "Pretty Good Privacy". I use GnuPG (the Gnu Privacy Guard), which is Free Software (and if you don't know what that is, try www.fsf.org). Once encrypted, emails can't be read by anyone but the person who's public key you used to encrypt it (well, at least it would require a lot of work to do so). At least in Germany emails are not protected under privacy of the post laws if not encrypted, they are treated like postcards because anybody can read them as easily as if they were (yes it is that easy). No reason to make it too easy to spy on me! (Encrypted email preferred, can you tell?)

More information on encryption, PGP etc. can easily be found on the internet - try www.gnupg.org or www.pgpi.org. GnuPG is available for Windows also (Mac as well I believe), and a nice tool for easier usage (i.e. a graphic frontend) can be found at WinPT (Windows Privacy Tools, http://www.winpt.org). As for email software which works well with encryption, I'd recommend Thunderbird (can be found at http://www.mozilla.org). Anyway, I'd recommend to use an operating system in the first place (like BSD/Unix/Linux), users of these will likely have GnuPG installed anyway and I think nearly all available email software can deal with encryption. All Mac users - MacOS definitely is a good operating system, but I've never worked with it and can't give any tips. Same for other OS's.

Other than that, there's the usual stuff about me and what I enjoy doing. And that (as can be seen) mainly deals with music, more specifically "going-to-see-some-band-play-somewhere" (preferably some folkish or punkish band). As of now, there only is Levellers stuff on here (don't know them? They're great, check them out on www.levellers.co.uk). I promise to add other stuff soon! It's not as if there is none, have a look at the links section, some other bands are to be found there.

And the only other thing on this site is

Cooking and recipes

Yes there also is some cooking recipes... I thought about taking those offline again a dozen times but some or other of my friends always protests (as in "No! Don't! They're nice recipes!"). Anyway, as long as they end up here I spare myself all the searching for specific stuff in my notorious loose leaf collection.